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403 Butler Street

Pgh PA 15223

412-782-DNCE (3623)


Helping dancers grow in abilities, personal development, and well-being.

2023-2024 Pricing

Base Price

Price Per Month


Incremental Tuition

Price per month

40 minute class/week



2 classes/week

base rate +$27

60 minute class/week



3 classes/week

 base rate + $54

90 minutes class/week 



4 classes/week

base rate + $81




5 classes/week

 base rate + $104




 6 classes/week

 base rate + $127




7 classes/week 

base rate +$150 




8 classes/week 

 base rate +$167

40 minute single class=$15



 9 classes/week

 base rate +$184

60 minute single class=$18



 10 classes/week

 base rate + $201




 11 classes or more, contact studio for rate


Private lessons $50/hour click here for a link to the online payment system.

  • Registration fee: $30 for each family
  • Class sizes are limited to 10-12 students (Special Needs is limited to 5 students)
  • Students and families who take multiple levels of classes should choose the highest base rate that applies to their family, and then add the increment that applies to your family. For instance, if your family takes two 40 minute and two 60 minute classes, you would choose the base rate of 60 minute ($57) and add $81 (since your family takes a total of 4 classes/week).
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    • Payments are due monthly on the first day of classes
      • If you pay before the first of the month, $5/month will be credited to your account (to use for costumes, tickets, apparel, etc).
      • Recurrent monthly charges to your credit/debit card are available
        • Charged on the last day of the previous month
        • $1 convenience fee resulting in $4/month credit rather than $5/month.
      • There is no difference in price for shorter (3 week) or longer (5 week) months because it all averages out throughout the year
    • There are no late charges. However:
      • Arrangements for past due payments must be made within 30 days.
      • Management holds the right to refuse to admit students with accounts past due greater than 30 days.


    • No reduction/refund will be given for missed classes unless accompanied by a doctor's excuse and when the time missed is two weeks or more.
    • Cancellations and rescheduled classes due to inclement weather will be communicated by email


      • Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted online
        • Please note the online payment system has a different background. This is the correct and secure site for payment
      • Checks should include the student’s name and the month you are paying for
        • There is a $20 charge on each returned check plus whatever banking fee has been applied
      • Cash should be submitted in an envelope with the student’s name, the month you are paying for and the amount being paid