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Class Descriptions

Fuchsia Ballet (Preschool)

Students will learn the building blocks of ballet technique.  They will become familiar with ballet terminology, musicality, spatial orientation, and performance.Our approach is that "dancing is fun!" We use educational games to help focus on movement, balance, rhythm, coordination, learning colors/shapes/numbers, and following directions.
Ballet (Elementary School and Up)
Students will learn ballet technique through the use of terminology and implementation. Focus is centered on placement, posture, flexibility, strength, musicality, ballet vocabulary and execution of choreography.  Ballet class emphasizes structure and will include work at the barre’, in the center and across the floor. Experience the reward of achieving total body control, self-discipline, self-confidence, and proper body placement through the conditioning of dance.
Jazz (Elementary School and Up)
Students will learn the technical aspects of jazz dance through conditioning in the center and across the floor.  Emphasis will be placed on coordination of movements, kinesthetic awareness, abdominal strength, flexibility, musicality and spatial orientation.  The use of style is a major component of jazz dance that will be explored as students progress through the technique.
Tap (Elementary School and Up)
Students will explore the rhythm and musicality of the art of tap dance first by learning the technique and later by using that technique to create complex rhythmic structures such as syncopation.  Emphasis will be placed on articulation of the feet and ankles, working as a group, speed, precision and intricate footwork.
Hip Hop (Elementary School and Up)
As a contemporary style of dance, hip hop is ever changing and therefore this class will integrate popular music, pop cultural movement styles and global influences.   
Contemporary (Middle School and Up)    
This style of dance borrows from ballet, jazz, and modern; combining popular music with emotion to help students learn to express emotion through movement.
Prepointe/Pointe (Middle School and Up)
Students will focus on strengthening the abdominals, legs, ankles and feet through work at the barre’ and in the center. Student’s who wish to study “en pointe” must take a ballet class once a week in addition to their prepointe/pointe class. Permission of the teacher is required to pursue to minimize the risk to developing joints and muscles.

Technique classes: Ballet, Jazz, & Contemporary (Middle School and Up)

Students will focus on flexibility through extensive stretching. Strengthening exercises will also be performed to target certain muscles. The class will help improve ability and stamina. Students will focus to learn and master a wide range of skills related to the specfic linked-genre. Our primary concern will be improving skills that are essential for ballet, jazz and contemporary styles of dance. These are technique only classes (no choreography will be taught to perform in the show). It is to augment your performance in other classes.

Onyx/Company Classes (7th grade and Up)
Placement is by audition or invitation only. Ballet Technique is required for Onyx Ballet. Jazz Technique is required for Onyx Jazz. Contemporary Technique is required for Onyx Contemporary.
Indigo/Adult Program
All ability levels encouraged to participate!
Styles of dance explained above. Focus will be on enjoyment, fitness, and acquiring or maintaining abilities.

Rose/Violet/Special Needs
Please see our page dedicated to the description of this program.